Custom Stair Layouts

Custom Wood Straight Stair

Straight Stair

A traditional single straight stair is continuous with no change of direction. A straight stair can be open on one side, both sides, or can be enclosed by two walls.

Custom Wood Platform Stair

Platform Stair

The Platform Stair uses landings or platforms to connect sections of straight stairs, break a continuous run of stairs, or change direction.

Custom Wood Winding Stair

Winding Stair

A Winding Stair or "Winder" uses triangular treads to connect sections of straight stairs into a complete stair that changes direction.

Custom Wood Curved / Circular Stair

Curved Stair / Circular Stair

Custom crafted, a Curved or Circular Stair conforms to a curved wall or can be free-standing. Stringers (carriages) and rail systems are custom fabricated into virtually any shape.

Custom Wood Free Standing Stair

Free-standing / Self-Supporting Stair

A free-standing or self-supporting stair is supported completely by stringers without any support wall. This type of stair can be straight or curved.

Stair Designs

Custom Wood Box Stair

Box Stair

A box stair features treads and risers that are mortised into stringers on each side, usually between two walls.

Custom Wood Open-end Stair

Open End Stair

An open end stair uses treads with finished returns that extend beyond the stringers on one or both sides, and the risers are mitered into the stringers.

Custom Wood Open Riser Stair

Open Riser Stair

An open riser stair has no risers at all, and is subject to particularly stringent building codes.

Custom Wood Loft Stair

Loft Stair

Loft stairs are designed for non-permanent installation in short run areas.

Custom Wood Spiral Stair

Spiral Stair

Spiral stairs wrap around a central pole or newel, and typically have a handrail on the outer side only.

Important: All stairs must be designed, built and installed in conformance with state and local building codes.