Stair Rail Systems

Custom Wood Railing Systems: Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails, Rail Fittings


The term "balustrade" refers to the entire baluster and rail system.


Balusters, sometimes called "spindles" or "pickets", are the vertical components that support the railing of a staircase.

Newel Posts

Newels are the major support posts for a balustrade or railing system. Newel posts are larger and heavier than balusters. Newels are located both at the bottom and top of a staircase, as well as at turns and critical support areas.

Hand Rails

A hand rail or "top rail" is the horizontal or sloping component of a rail system that you grip for guidance and support.

Rail Fittings

Rail fittings are transitional components used to complete the rail system. Common types of rail fittings are "goosenecks", "volutes" and "turnouts", etc.

Custom Wood Stair Railing: Post-to-Post Railing System

Post-to-Post Rail System

In a post-to-post rail system, the handrail is interrupted by the decorative newel posts. Custom wood rail fittings are used to connect the top rail to the newels.

Custom Wood Stair Railing: Over-the-Post Railing System

Over-the-Post Rail SYSTEM

An over-the-post rail system features a continuous, uninterrupted handrail from the top to the bottom of a stair. All newels and balusters are capped by the top rail.